Ellie’s Bakery



Our intimate bakery is inspired by the Parisian way of life; a place where everyone does their own thing – for the love of it – while cherishing simple pleasures.


Inside Ellie’s walls, we define simple pleasures. Each smell, taste and sip from our intimate bakery promises wholesome goodness and a delightful awakening of the senses. Our guests partake of freshly baked breads, pastries, sandwiches, goodies, provisions, local tea and coffee.

All of our products are prepared with the season in mind.  We source our ingredients responsibly from local farms and producers. Our team is passionate and filled with pride.  Each product is made with integrity and attention to the tiniest detail.  We strive each day to stand out in the community as a loyal, soulful, nourishing neighborhood bakery.

Rise Above & Shine On.