Ellie’s Coffee Milk

There are many things that are quintessentially Rhode Island: Hot Wieners from Olneyville Systems, watching Waterfire along the canals of Providence during summer nights, stuffies on Horseneck Beach, and most importantly, coffee milk. Coffee milk has a fantastic connection to Rhode Island, and lore speaks of Italian immigrants preparing it up on Federal Hill back […]

1st Annual ‘Gracie’s – Long Island Winery Tour’

For the second year in a row, the team at Gracie’s visited our favorite vineyards on Long Island’s North Fork. We have spent the past four years cultivating relationships with our favorite winemakers on the North Fork. This was our opportunity to share those experiences with our staff so they, in turn, may share those […]

Gracie’s Spring Cocktails

Welcome spring with a pop of color and a punch of flavor with the new numbers on our cocktail list! Sam Royds, our Lead Bartender, and Liz Smith, Bartender, have put together some floral and flavorful sips to bring our cocktail menu from late winter into spring. When creating these spring sippers, Sam sought to […]

Gracie’s Late Winter Early Spring Menu

Spring is here. I know this because I have a calendar and consider myself a somewhat functioning adult. However, from the view off my back porch, it is very much winter. Snow still lies in shaded areas and piles up on the sides of streets and sidewalks. Visions of violets, daffodils, and green grass are […]

Ellie’s Easter Menu

Say bonjour to our Spring Menu, featuring a wonderful selection of whimsical treats perfect for Easter, Passover, or any warm weather celebration! Chefs at Ellie’s Bakery have been working diligently over the past month to create a menu blooming with bright, light flavors reminiscent of fun and fancy-free springtimes and new beginnings. The Spring offerings […]

Ellie’s new lunch menu

Liven up your lunch routine with our new sandwich and salad options! As always, these lunch offerings combine the best of our local and seasonal food sources with unique items made in the Ellie’s kitchen. We hope you have a chance to enjoy each and every one of them! First, we have our new House-Roasted […]

Ellie’s Sweet Potato Danish

It rare that a pastry can be so much yet be so simple, so versatile and fill a craving regardless of the time of day. This lovely little gem begins its journey 48 hours before you ever see it. Layers of dough and butter are intermingled as our overnight bakers carefully roll, fold and roll, […]

Sucrée Event Highlights

Sucrée: A Sticky Sweet Tasting Soirée | Honey Sweet, sweet memories were made recently at the first in a new series of dessert pop-ups hosted by GraciesProv: Sucrée! The evening brought together Gracie’s own Executive Pastry Chef Melissa Denmark along with Caitlyn McGuire of Ellie’s Bakery, Lori Kettelle of PVDonuts, and Adam Young of SIFT Bake […]

National Macaron Day – Willy Wonka Style

Monday, March 20th is the long-awaited first day of spring—but guess what else it is? National Macaron Day, or as the French say, “Le Jour du Macaron”! Without a doubt, this is one of our favorite holidays at this little Parisian bakery. The French macaron is a sweet cookie made with whipped egg whites, confectioners […]

Valentine’s Day at Ellie’s – Local Love

Every year,  on February 14th, cheesey $5 I<3U cards go out, midgrade chocolate sales skyrocket and the teddy bear industry cranks out last minute gifts for individuals to purchase for their significant others. It’s quite a marvel, really, how the history of St Valentine has shifted to become a commercialized holiday treated as the step-sibling […]

Sucrée – A Sticky Sweet Tasting Soirée

“Sucrée” A four course Chef’s tasting, all dishes dessert The cure for your sweet tooth’s deep feelings of hurt Starring four pastry chefs, each serving a course Inspired by honey; bees at the source A night where desserts have their moment to shine On the eve of the feast of Saint Valentine Lovers of chocolate, […]

Gracie’s & Ellie’s Bakery | A Year In Review

People are saying 2016 will be remembered as one of the worst years in history. Exaggeration and negativity have become so common in our everyday conversation. We, as a whole, have taken to boasting about tragedy and misfortunes, rather than celebrations and solutions. As this year comes to a close, we, the Gracie’s and Ellie’s […]

Employee Spotlight | Gracie’s Office Manager – Kelly Doran

Kelly Doran, a born and raised Rhode Islander, has over 10 years of experience working in the restaurants that make Rhode Island food and culture so great. She joined the Gracie’s team in 2015 as the Office Manager, responsible for the day to day tasks like answering phones and taking care of guest reservations. This […]

Matthew Varga Awarded Chef of the Year by RIHA

Congratulations to our favorite Chef, Matthew Varga! This year, Rhode Island Hospitality Association has awarded Chef Varga the title of Chef of the Year! We, the team at Gracie’s and Ellie’s, are honored to call him our chef.  Chef Matt is a man of many skills, talents, and passions. In the grand scheme of all […]

There is a Light That Never Goes Out

There is a Light That Never Goes Out  |  Kelly Doran – Gracie’s Office Manager Day or night, there is a light that never goes out. It is never dimmed and never dulled. The light itself hangs above the entrance of Gracie’s, a AAA Four Diamond Award Winning Restaurant located on Washington Street in Providence, Rhode […]

Host Your Holiday Event at Gracie’s

Consider Gracie’s when choosing your holiday party venue. Did you know we have 2 private rooms available for your intimate gatherings and memorable dining experiences? Did you know we will work with you on customized menus, signature drinks, and even team bonding activities? Let us help you create the most memorable holiday gathering. We do […]

Wine Crush Wednesday – Pine Ridge ‘Crimson Creek’ Merlot, Napa Valley, CA ’08

Wine Crush Wednesday by Stephen Willson Welcome to Wine Crush Wednesdays, or “WCW” if you’re in a hurry. Each Wednesday we will bring you a different, dreamy wine to crush over. November is here. It’s cold outside. At this point in the season, sweaters, hoodies, and fleece, have become wardrobe staples. Once again, we have […]

Gracie’s Cruise on the Danube River from Budapest to Nuremberg

We are always seeking out new ways to be inspired, as well as providing inspiration for our fans. This never ending quest has opened a new and exciting outlet for both our team and our guests. Gracie’s and Chef Matthew Varga are taking this show on the road, or, rather, sea, and we can’t wait […]

Star Chef Series | The Festivious Feast of Foie with Chef Michael Ginor

Star Chef Series | The Festivious Feat of Foie with Chef Michael Ginor There are only a handful of foods that I could eat every single day for the rest of my life. That short list includes corn on the cob, beef tartare, and, last but not least, foie gras. Foie gras is delicious, decadent, […]