There is a Light That Never Goes Out

There is a Light That Never Goes Out  |  Kelly Doran – Gracie’s Office Manager Day or night, there is a light that never goes out. It is never dimmed and never dulled. The light itself hangs above the entrance of Gracie’s, a AAA Four Diamond Award Winning Restaurant located on Washington Street in Providence, Rhode […]

Host Your Holiday Event at Gracie’s

Consider Gracie’s when choosing your holiday party venue. Did you know we have 2 private rooms available for your intimate gatherings and memorable dining experiences? Did you know we will work with you on customized menus, signature drinks, and even team bonding activities? Let us help you create the most memorable holiday gathering. We do […]

Wine Crush Wednesday – Pine Ridge ‘Crimson Creek’ Merlot, Napa Valley, CA ’08

Wine Crush Wednesday by Stephen Willson Welcome to Wine Crush Wednesdays, or “WCW” if you’re in a hurry. Each Wednesday we will bring you a different, dreamy wine to crush over. November is here. It’s cold outside. At this point in the season, sweaters, hoodies, and fleece, have become wardrobe staples. Once again, we have […]

Gracie’s Cruise on the Danube River from Budapest to Nuremberg

We are always seeking out new ways to be inspired, as well as providing inspiration for our fans. This never ending quest has opened a new and exciting outlet for both our team and our guests. Gracie’s and Chef Matthew Varga are taking this show on the road, or, rather, sea, and we can’t wait […]

Star Chef Series | The Festivious Feast of Foie with Chef Michael Ginor

Star Chef Series | The Festivious Feat of Foie with Chef Michael Ginor There are only a handful of foods that I could eat every single day for the rest of my life. That short list includes corn on the cob, beef tartare, and, last but not least, foie gras. Foie gras is delicious, decadent, […]

October Macarons: Halloween Edition

October Macarons: Halloween Edition Spooky-cute cookies have hit the shelves for the month of October! We’re excited to debut our Halloween candy-inspired macaron collection for the first time ever. Each month, our bakers congregate for a meeting of the minds to determine the flavors for the next month’s featured macaron collection. At last month’s meeting, […]

Ellie’s Fall Drinks

Ellie’s Fall Drinks by Max Hodge The hazelnut latte is a new addition to the fall lineup at Ellie’s. Combining rich hazelnut puree with steamed milk, espresso,housemade raw vanilla syrup and dashed with spiced sea salt, this is a ‘hug-in-a-cup’ drink that lures you in and you’ll never want to leave the warm embrace of […]

Ellie’s Fall Sandwiches

Ellie’s Fall Sandwiches by Max Hodge Its that time of year when the city is finally getting back into the groove of the influx in population from college students, the streets being more populated and a chatter in the air. Gone are the lazy days of summer, where long days drifted into long, warm evenings […]

In Pursuit of the Perfect Croissant: Part 2 | Our Journey Through NYC

In Pursuit of the Perfect Croissant: Part 2 | Our Journey Through NYC by Max Hodge The journey continues from part 1 posted here! Runner &  stone Getting a table at this hip eatery is no easy affair. We were greeted by a cheery waiter who was clearly in the weeds just from the dance […]

September Macarons: Back-To-School Edition

    by Nicole Dupuis For many of us, myself included, the arrival of September brings about mixed feelings. Fall itself is a season marked by contradictions—it ushers in exciting new beginnings, but also means the end of a brilliant summer. When I was in school, of course, this feeling was all the more pronounced. […]

September Soda

by Max Hodge, Ellie’s Bakery Manager Ahhhh… it’s hot out, isn’t it? Our rooftop garden in Downcity is full of life, but our herb garden is feeling the heat. Production has slowed, as it does naturally at this time of year, but luckily we’ve been squirreling away our herbs for a rainy day (or in […]

Late Summer Sandwiches at Ellie’s

by Max Hodge, Ellie’s Bakery Manager   Summer is always an interesting time, with the frantic energy of spring subsiding into long days and a slower pace. The greens of spring have long been harvested, and tomatoes and other juicy vegetables are taking their time bathing in the sun, slowly developing flavor and becoming sweeter […]

March of Dimes | Annual Signature Chefs Auction

On Thursday, September 29th, the Rhode Island chapter of March of Dimes will host its annual Signature Chefs Auction. 25 of Rhode Island’s most talented chefs will come together to create an unforgettable feast. There will also be opportunities to bid on personal culinary experiences with the chefs. These passionate chefs are putting their best […]

October Star Chef Series | New Hampshire Triple Threat

by Stephen Willson, Gracie’s Front of House Manager   Gracie’s has some very special dinners for the month of October. This is the month where we celebrate the harvest, hoodies, falling leaves, and fire pits. Join us at Gracie’s to experience the most beautiful flavors of autumn… and know that we’re bringing in some incredibly talented […]

For the Love of the Grape: Pinotage

For the Love of the Grape: Pinotage  by Stephen Willson Pinotage is the Frankenstein of wine, and it’s also delicious! This South African hybrid grape varietal has come a long way since its creation in 1925. As is the case with just about everything in life of poor quality, the grape isn’t what makes the bad […]

Culinary Bliss Tour 2016: A Recap

by Nicole Dupuis |  Images: JWessel   “When you put amazing people with common interests in a culinary destination, the sky’s the limit, and that’s what this trip was all about.” —Ellie’s Events & Catering Coordinator Kristi Dukoff This past June, we hosted our first Culinary Bliss Tour of New York City with an incredible […]

Partner Spotlight: Flowers by Semia

 Partner Spotlight: Flowers by Semia  by Nicole Dupuis As some of our discerning customers may have noticed, on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays Ellie’s pulls double duty as a flower shop. On those days, our baked goods are complemented by a display of resplendent bouquets, adding welcome splashes of pink, purple, orange, and other vibrant and […]

In Pursuit of the Perfect Croissant: Part 1 | Our Journey Through NYC

by Max Hodge, Ellie’s Bakery Manager | Images: JWessel   Ellie’s, as you may know, is a tiny bakery tucked away in downtown Providence, located at 61 Washington Street.   Historically, Washington Street has always been a bustling street of Providence, due to its proximity to City Hall, which was erected in 1878 and brought […]

Employee Spotlight: Gracie’s Server – John Cappiello

Employee Spotlight: Gracie’s Server – John Cappiello  by Stephen Willson This month we are highlighting the exceptionally talented and eternally inspirational John Cappiello, a front-server at Gracie’s. John has been a member of the Gracie’s team for three years. In those three years, he has worked his way through the entire restaurant, starting in the […]

Ellie’s Hand-made Soda

Ellie’s Hand-made Soda | Max Hodge – Ellie’s Bakery Manager Summer is in full swing in Providence. People are flocking to Newport to watch the boats, Picnicking at Roger Williams Park, going to the beaches and soaking in the best time of year in New England. Rhode Island locals know that dining is best done […]