March of Dimes | Annual Signature Chefs Auction

On Thursday, September 29th, the Rhode Island chapter of March of Dimes will host its annual Signature Chefs Auction. 25 of Rhode Island’s most talented chefs will come together to create an unforgettable feast. There will also be opportunities to bid on personal culinary experiences with the chefs. These passionate chefs are putting their best […]

October Star Chef Series | New Hampshire Triple Threat

by Stephen Willson, Gracie’s Front of House Manager   Gracie’s has some very special dinners for the month of October. This is the month where we celebrate the harvest, hoodies, falling leaves, and fire pits. Join us at Gracie’s to experience the most beautiful flavors of autumn… and know that we’re bringing in some incredibly talented […]

For the Love of the Grape: Pinotage

For the Love of the Grape: Pinotage  by Stephen Willson Pinotage is the Frankenstein of wine, and it’s also delicious! This South African hybrid grape varietal has come a long way since its creation in 1925. As is the case with just about everything in life of poor quality, the grape isn’t what makes the bad […]

Culinary Bliss Tour 2016: A Recap

by Nicole Dupuis |  Images: JWessel   “When you put amazing people with common interests in a culinary destination, the sky’s the limit, and that’s what this trip was all about.” —Ellie’s Events & Catering Coordinator Kristi Dukoff This past June, we hosted our first Culinary Bliss Tour of New York City with an incredible […]

Partner Spotlight: Flowers by Semia

 Partner Spotlight: Flowers by Semia  by Nicole Dupuis As some of our discerning customers may have noticed, on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays Ellie’s pulls double duty as a flower shop. On those days, our baked goods are complemented by a display of resplendent bouquets, adding welcome splashes of pink, purple, orange, and other vibrant and […]

In Pursuit of the Perfect Croissant: Part 1 | Our Journey Through NYC

by Max Hodge, Ellie’s Bakery Manager | Images: JWessel   Ellie’s, as you may know, is a tiny bakery tucked away in downtown Providence, located at 61 Washington Street.   Historically, Washington Street has always been a bustling street of Providence, due to its proximity to City Hall, which was erected in 1878 and brought […]

Employee Spotlight: Gracie’s Server – John Cappiello

Employee Spotlight: Gracie’s Server – John Cappiello  by Stephen Willson This month we are highlighting the exceptionally talented and eternally inspirational John Cappiello, a front-server at Gracie’s. John has been a member of the Gracie’s team for three years. In those three years, he has worked his way through the entire restaurant, starting in the […]

Ellie’s Hand-made Soda

Ellie’s Hand-made Soda | Max Hodge – Ellie’s Bakery Manager Summer is in full swing in Providence. People are flocking to Newport to watch the boats, Picnicking at Roger Williams Park, going to the beaches and soaking in the best time of year in New England. Rhode Island locals know that dining is best done […]

Always Bring a Change of Underwear to a Wedding 1

Always Bring a Change of Underwear to a Wedding | Stephen Willson – Gracie’s Restaurant Manager One of our chef’s catch phrases is, “It’s better to be looking at it than looking for it.” Be prepared for everything. A lack of preparation can prove to be a tough life lesson. That being said, always bring […]

Hospitality is a Way of Life

Hospitality is a Way of Life | Kelly Doran – Gracie’s Office Manager There are industries built on the very idea that being friendly, generous, and kindly accepting friends, family, and strangers into our lives is something worthwhile. It’s something that, in this day and age, needs to be protected.Hospitality is not just a concept one […]

Gracie’s and Providence Restaurant Weeks 2016 1

Gracie’s will participate in this Summer’s restaurant week starting Tuesday, July 12th through Saturday, July 23rd. Throughout these two weeks, we will offer our three course pre fixe menu for $39.95. We are also offering wine pairings with each course for an additional $25. It’s a steal! Gracie’s has been participating in Restaurant Week for […]

Graduation Cakes

You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself any direction you choose. —Dr. Suess    Along with cherry blossoms, al fresco dining, spring sunshine, and the reappearance of Macaron Mille, May also brings with it one of our favorite causes for celebration: college graduation season!    Each […]

NYC Culinary Bliss Tour

   We at Gracie’s are thrilled to announce the inception of what we hope will become a longstanding tradition, our Culinary Bliss Tours!    It all began last October, when we embarked on a culinary cruise of the Mediterranean with both our cherished guests and head chefs Matt Varga and Melissa Denmark. The trip was […]

Star Chef Series – A Brief History

   On February 9th, 2009, Gracie’s hosted its first ever Star Chef dinner. James Beard Award winning Chef Celina Tio collaborated with the Gracie’s culinary team on what has now become one of our most popular events.      The relationships that we create with fellow chefs, farmers, fishermen, winemakers, distillers, and brewers allow us […]

Gracie’s Long Island Wine Tour 3

   Last month’s newsletter highlighted the Gracie’s staff trip to Long Island wine country. Participating staff members were asked to share their experience on our blog. Click here to read all about it. Anat Sagi – Front Server    I used to think that the best wines (those worth serving with a great meal and […]

Millie 2016 Debut and Dates

Millie, the ice cream cart, will be back in action this month! Warm weather is finally here, and that means adorable macaron ice cream sandwiches are, once again, available to the masses. Millie will make her 2016 debut on Saturday, May 21st, at the Hope Street Spring Block Party from noon until 6:00pm.  You can […]